Why Camping is so Great!

Why Camping is so Great!

Here are 4 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Camping.

Camping is one of the finest ways to spend your free time effectively. Its not just about getting out of the city and sitting by nature, it also has very important health benefits. Thanks to Karen Reed we have compiled 4 Scientifically Benefits of Camping.

Help yourself lose weight

Just simply walking along one of the local treks, walking down to the river or just walking around the campsite is going to help support your health. This type of exercise can help you burn 500+ calories. Once you start walking you will find there are more changes in the intensity and you do more bodyweight workouts as you walk up and down the hills. As you burn more calories, you create a better calorie deficit, which means that you find it easier to lose weight.
Then there’s the benefit of doing more throughout the day. Most of our eating problems come from emotional eating. When we get bored, we start reaching for the food to make us feel happier and better. When we’re in the middle of nature, we’re less likely to reach for the comfort foods since nature has offered us everything we need instead!

Reduce the Risk of depression

Talking about feeling happier, camping has also shown the ability to starve off depression, whatever the reason. You sleep better, which instantly helps to boost the happy hormones in the body and improves your overall positive mental health.
You will also get away from the reasons for the negativity. Many people suffer from depression because of social media. Something that was designed to help us feel more connected with people, can leave us feeling depressed and anxious. We see how perfect everyone else’s lives are and how much support they have and then realize that we don’t get that same support on our own comments and photos.
Spending time in the outdoors doesn’t just help to get rid of social media, but it also helps to reduce obsessive, negative thoughts. This is also known as rumination, which can lead to many other mental health problems.
The University of Michigan researchers have also found that walking out in the countryside and forests can help to reduce depressive symptoms. This is partially linked to being out in nature and away from technology, but it’s also linked to the escape from other people. You get the chance to feel one with nature and within yourself. Your soul is give the support it needs, as you see animals in their habit and the beauty of Mother Nature around you.

You can completely unplug from technology

When you’re camping, you can limit the access to Wi-Fi, electricity and more. This can be the idea of Hell for many people, but it actually offers you a range of benefits mentally and physically. When you escape the tech and the electricity, you will also escape your devices and that feeling that you need to be constantly connected online.
Many people struggle to completely unplug from their phones. Even though you may have rules of no phones at the dinner table, it’s hard when the phone is just across the room from you or in another room. You can hear the pings and know people expect you to reply. Without the access to the Wi-Fi, you get to scrap the guilt and completely detach yourself form the online world.
Sometimes it’s worth purposely looking for a place without any Wi-Fi and electricity. Turn your phones off to preserve the batteries in case of a genuine emergency, but otherwise just spend time together.
Spending too much time on your phone increases anxiety. You have this need to match expectations and always put on your best face, and you feel the pressure to match others’ expectations and lifestyles. Those who use their phones excessively can also experience some neurological issues and neck pain.
An overuse of your phone could actually lead to mental health problems. You’re constantly stimulated from the screen and it’s hard to disconnect from that. There is such a thing as technology or phone addiction. Our brains are also rewired, so real connections are harder to make. You have all these friends online, but it’s difficult to chat to them in real life.

You spend time away from Pollutants.

Camping assist with people getting outdoors, for longer periods of time. The concentration of pollutants are 2-5 times higher inside, which makes your indoor air quality worse for you. It’s no wonder people feel groggy and depressed when they spend hours in their own home, or at the office.
When you go camping, you spend far more time out in the fresh air. You get much lower levels of pollutants, while enjoying nature and all the other benefits. Your body will thank you, although this is often in the way of making you feel sleepier by the end of the day. It’s time to get yourself outside and enjoy all the air benefits.
That’s about it. The rest of it boils down to gathering some friends, finding a place, and just doing it. So go do it.
Written by Karen Reed.