Upgrading from a Tent to a Camper Trailer

Tent to a Camper Trailer are you ready?

Is it time to upgrade from a tent to a camper trailer? There is no doubt that a tent is certainly sufficient for the one or two annual camping trips!  A camper trailer is a big investment and you also need to have the space to garage it.

But if you are wanting to get out more, or have the spontaneous weekend escape then the benefits of owning your own camper far outweighs the negatives. While travelling with a tent  you have to take into consideration all the time it takes to set-up camp and pack everything away. Also, it’s highly unlikely any tent will be as organised as a camper trailer.   A tent can never really compete with a decent camper trailer.

Setting and packing up.

“The biggest thing that stops people from going camping is the whole thought of having to pack all the gear in the car, get the kids in and then get to the camp spot and unload the car and set up their camping gear – and then go through the whole process in reverse when they’ve finished camping only to pull everything out and clean it all up when they get home

“With a camper trailer, you don’t have to do any of that – everything’s already in the camper trailer from when you went last time. All you need to do is throw some food and clothes in and take off”

All of our camper trailers have everything you need, cooking facilities, led lights, water tanks, porta loos, walls and awnings, usb points, batteries. All bedding can be left in the camper for easy access.

Hard floor vs Soft floor

Camper Trailers Albury Wodonga offers two varieties of campers the hard floor Camper; Cheyenne, Cherokee or the soft floor Camper; Comanche or Navajo. Our Soft floor campers offer more storage, and they are a cheaper option.

Our hard floor campers are easy to set up and sweep out. The floor is off the ground.

All of our campers have full off road capabilities so we will ensure that your vehicle is capable of towing these campers.

Weather protection

A Camper trailer will provide you with better weather protection than a tent.  Our campers are made from, high-quality canvas which will keep the rain out. All of our campers are come with awnings and walls which has much better insulator than the lightweight polyester or nylon fabrics most modern tents are made from. This makes you feel much less exposed to the elements inside a camper trailer than in the average tent.

As our campers have walls you get a much bigger area in a camper trailer. If the weather turns bad you are a lot better protected.

Creature comforts

Creature Comfort levels are much higher in a camper trailer. For the average camper having a bed off the ground is one of the best benefits to be had.

Camper trailers are fully self-sufficient. Everything is right at your fingertips.” They provide a comfortable area to cook and prepare meals. The fridge slides enable you to take a fully stocked fridge and plug it directly into the battery system in the camper.

All our trailers come with water tanks and the water is pumped through to the kitchen sink to give you running water on tap.

Getting around

All our camper trailers you can  pretty much take anywhere. With full off road capabilities Australia is your oyster.

“There’s a camper trailer to suit everybody. Our vast range caters for all stages of camping.

If you think you’re ready to move up from a tent to a camper trailer, come in and see us today.