Smarttek Hot Water System

Smarttek 6 Portable Hot Water System. Australia’s safest and most enjoyed portable system on the market.

Are you looking for a hot water system that can produce instant hot water no matter where you are? Travelling, Camping, Fishing or even at home for washing the pets.

Unlike other hot water systems on the market the Smart Hot Water System has been tested and certified to be assembled, used, dismantled and reused many times.

 The Smarttek 6 is perfect for washing your pets. Which would of course include Horses and Dogs, all animals would benefit from this portable outdoor system.

Renovating your home, consider hanging one of these in up to use while the bathroom is being completed

Simply hang your hot water system by using the mounting brackets or handle provided outside a pool, allowing kids to wash their feet before entering the pool.

Do you own a farm and  need hot water down at the shed or outside the back door.

The possibilities are endless.

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