How to Safely put a Campfire Out Correctly.

We have all seen the devastation caused by bushfires with so much dry vegetation around, all your camp fire needs is a spark, and property and lives are placed at risk. There’s only one thing better than relaxing around the campfire – and that’s doing it safely. Fire is always to be taken with heaps of caution as it can quickly spell disaster if not handled with care. 

Here are the 4 Essential tips to How to Properly Put Out Your Campfire!



Ensure that you have up-to-date information about fire restrictions in the area that you want your fire in. This can be easily found on the CFA Website

Clear the area completely. Check the entire area to make sure it’s safe. “Look up, down, and all around before you build a fire. On the ground, you want to make sure you’ve got a clearance, without any trees or tall, dry grass. 

Ensure the campfire is a safe distance from tents, and that any other camping equipment. Make sure everything is stored well away from it – especially flammable items such as gas cylinders, fuel cans etc.



Having your campfire burnt down to ash makes it easier to properly extinguish the coals. Think ahead at night to not put that extra log on the fire.

Of course this is not always possible. If you need to cook in the morning,  try to make a small fire in this instance. 

Grab your shovel and break up your logs. Move the coals and ash around so that it wont be able to hold any internal heat.


Always bring enough water to put out your campfire, or ensure you have access to a water source. 

Slowly sprinkle the water onto the fire. Ensuring that you take breaks to allow the steam to rise and settle. 

“Drench, Drench Drench” your fire with water. We mean it. Pour it all in there until any hissing stops and all embers and ashes are covered with water. Keep adding water, you want everything in the firepit wet.

Use a shovel or stick to stir the ashes around and leave the stick in the fire.


Safe to touch safe to leave! Remember, a campfire must never be left unattended. 

 Now obviously, you are not going to stick your hand in the ash and see if it burns you. That would be dangerous! Lower your hand over the ash, if you can feel heat resonating  then it’s still warm. 

Grab your shovel or stick and work the coals and wood around. Pour more water of it. Check again. When you think you are done, take an extra minute and add more water. Stir  and touch again as an extra precaution.

Finally, check the entire campsite for possible sparks or embers. Remember it only only takes one ember to start a bushfire.