General Camper Trailer Maintenance

Regular Servicing & Good Maintenance.

Long gone are the days where you checked your camper the night before you took it out camping. For the safety of yourself and your family it is imperative that you look after your camper trailer.

Wheel bearings are still front and centre for the maintenance of your camper. They keep the wheels rolling smoothly.

There are a few tell tale signs your bearings are on the way out, is they feel hot to the touch after driving for some time and in a lot of cases can hear road noise coming from the bearings. Always have your bearings checked regularly.

We recommend carrying a spare wheel hub complete with bearings to get you out of a sticky situation if in a remote area.

It’s important to brakes should be checked and adjusted every 5000kms. If the trailer is new after the first 500km.

Tyres – Ideally you should check your tyre pressure every time you take the camper trailer out. The PSI should be around 20-25.

Batteries always need to be charged . Best way is to have a battery charger at home so that you can put it on the charger at any time. 

Double check your electronics are operating correctly, such as solar panels, fuses and lighting etc. Having a faulty solar panel can cause your batteries not to charge and less run time on fridges and lighting. Very annoying.

A simple regular maintenance schedule for your camper trailer will keep it in tip top condition and no doubt give you an enjoyable trouble-free weekend or holiday.

We pride ourselves on providing great quality servicing on all camper trailers. Get in touch today.