Camper Trailer Towing Guide

There's More To Towing Than You Might Think..

There is so much more to know about towing than just the Tare weight and GTM.

You need to take into consideration the below mentioned factors.

Tow Vehicle – It is critical that you know your Vehicles towing mass (or towing rating) The rating will include the trailer weight capacity and the trailer ball weight capacity. This will usually be in the vehicles user manual under towing. You can always contact your local car dealer if you’re still unsure.

Breaking systems. – All trailers over 750kg GTM must have an effective brake system fitted. There are different types of braking systems required depending on the type and weight of the Camper Trailer.

Sensible loading – You must learn how to load your trailer correctly; this ensures that stability and sway related issues will be minimised when towing. The trailers drawbar should be level when attached to the car.

Tyres – All tyres must have a sufficient load rating and speed rating for towing.  They also must have the correct tyre pressure to suit the load being carried. It is vital that you keep your tyres in good condition.

For a FULL Comprehensive towing guide can be found below.

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