Camper Trailer Insurance Guide

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Camper Trailer Insurance can provide cover for a wide range of losses including accidental damage, fire, theft, storm and malicious damage.

It is so important to ensure you have the correct insurance. Most policies will have specific types of damage that are covered and specific circumstances in which you can claim benefits.

You should get enough cover to completely replace your Camper, in the event of total loss.

Thanks to Youi insurance” here is a list of things you may not be cover for while your trailer is stationary.

  • Mildew or mould
  • Termites, moths, birds, bats, insects and vermin
  • Trees or tree roots
  • Wear and tear, or manufacturer defects
  • Application of heat or extreme temperatures that don’t actually cause a fire
  • Improper maintenance of the caravan
  • Actions of the sea, including high tides, coastal erosion and sea waves
  • Landslides, unless it was the result of another insured event
  • Liquid leaking from something inside the trailer
  • Any animals that you own, or that are under your control
  • Your trailer being left unattended for too many days

Our tip make sure you check your exclusions: Some insurance companies have exclusions that cover trees. Even though you may be covered for impact damage, you still won’t be able to claim for a tree falling on your camper trailer if your policy contains this exclusion.

Ensure you know exactly what is included in your policy for total piece of mind.

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