Anatomy of a Camper Trailer

Camper Trailers were originally designed in response to families with cars with a smaller capacity engine. For those families that wanted to get out of tents but couldn’t justify the cost of a caravan or didn’t have the storage capacity. Camper trailers will go anywhere your car is designed to travel.

Camper trailers are designed to be compact lightweight and easy to tow! The first design was basically a trailer with a canvas canopy over it and a bed inside. It’s amazing how far we have progressed!

There are now 4 main types of camper trailers on the market all a little different to the next.

What is a camper trailer? –  In essence a camper trailer is a separate unit that will attach to your car or 4wd.

The 4 models all have different features, but basically there will be a bed to sleep on, Canvas surrounds and an outside kitchen.

With the amazing technology we now have the 5th type that is a mix between a camper trailer and caravan being a Hybrid.

Types of Camper Trailers:

Soft Floor Camper Trailer

  • They traditionally offer more sleeping space with a larger floor space to accommodate larger families
  • Big on storage, as the bed sits on top of the trailer this frees up the a large amount of extra space for additional storage.
  • Lighter, easy to tow and a budget entry level option.
  • The flooring is laid on the ground.
  • Takes a little longer to setup and pack down.

Forward & Rear Folding Camper Trailer

  • Camper sets up over the trailer. (Front Fold)
  • Camper hard floor folds to the rear ground. (Rear Fold)
  • Offers a wraparound internal lounge area that converts into an extra bed.
  • Completely up off the ground
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to tow.
  • Faster To Setup than Soft Floor Camper.

Double Fold Camper Trailer

  • Largest floor plan.
  • Sleeping area for 6 people. 2 double beds with a lounge in the middle of the camper that can convert to another bed.
  • Completely off the ground.

Hybrid Van

  • Blend between a Camper Trailer and a Caravan
  • Still offers outside cooking
  • Lighter than a traditional caravan so reduces on fuel costs
  • Can come with an internal Ensuite.
  • Pop top roof very quick set up

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